Mega Rampage Obstacle Course

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This is the largest in Wisconsin

Behold Jakes Jumpers longest linear inflatable obstacle course, the Mega Obstacle Course. This structure combines two 35 Obstacle Course with two towering 11-foot tall wall climbs and slides to extend the fun another 35 feet. At 140 feet long, this course is a challenge for children and adults alike. Challengers position themselves at the portal-like entrance of the Mega Obstacle Course before they dive head-on into the course. Up ahead is the familiar vertical pop ups followed by the horizontal hurdles leading into a second section of similar challenges. After clearing the second set of hurdles, the challengers must crawl through a tunnel before enjoying the exhilarating climb up and slide down to start over again. Back through another portal and around obstacles. Up ahead is the familiar tunnel and wall climb to the top of the slide. Down the slide is the finish.