Jump Houses

The inflatable bounce house Castle Jumper, or bouncy Castle as it is often referred to, is the pioneering product of inflatable games. This classic jump inflatable bounce house is recognized by everyone, whether they have enjoyed an inflatable bounce house themselves, rented one for a party or simply seen one set up for a neighborhood party. Be sure to have a inflatable bounce house jump house as an attraction for any event, it is sure to satisfy.

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Jumper Size Image
Purple Castle 15×15 purple-castle
Tiki Island 15×15 tiki-island
Sports Arena 15×15 sports-arena
King’s Castle 15×15 kings-castle
Tigger 15×15 tigger
Blue Castle 15×15 blue-castle
Monster Truck 15×15 monster-truck
Race Car 15×15 race-car
Frozen Tundra 15×15 frozen-tundra
Indoor Jumper 10×10 indoor-bouncer