Rock Wall

This massive rock climbing wall will give your guests the memorable thrill of a lifetime in rock climbing. Towering 24 feet above the ground, our rock climbing wall can handle up to 3 climbers at a time. Rock climbing walls are all the rage. They make a great interactive centerpiece for any occasion From corporate events, to private birthday parties, school events, or special events, climbing walls bring all the excitement and attention to climbers as they conquer the top and to the crowds watching their amazing challenge on the rock climbing wall! We will make sure your event is a huge success. Our rock climbing wall is fully staffed with trained climbing technicians, fully insured, set up and delivered right to your event.

Rock climbing walls are versatile and fun for all ages for participants 40lbs. to 250lbs. The individual climbing rocks or attached hand and foot holds are different colors that represent a new and different level of challenge each time a participant climbs. The rock climbing walls are suitable for all ages and include routes for beginner, experienced, and professional rock climbers. The auto belay safety cable and harness system controls the climber’s descent bringing them safely to the ground. Our climbing wall uses an Auto Belay system (using cables – no ropes that could break) eliminates human error (no mistakes from someone letting go of your safety rope) this makes the wall perfect for a beginner or child as well as a great challenge for anyone.



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